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At the Black Lion we are proud to be serving “The Spirit Of Chiswick” from the ever so local Sipsmith Distillery. We boast a glorious range of Dry Gin, Sipping Vodka, Sloe Gin and Damson Vodka… not to forget a lovely gin based punch called Summer Cup. We are also passionate about our wines, which we have carefully selected from around the world.

From New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc to the Argentinian Malbec, whatever your tipple we have the wine for you. So come down and quench your thirst with a glass of fine wine or the best G&T on the river.


Wine List / RED

Cintila Red, Portugal 2015
Raspberry and violet-scented wine, soft tannins, with an easy-drinking finish12.5%
175ml 4.55 • 250ml 6.50 • Bottle 18.50

Merlot, Tierra Antica, Valle Central, Chile 2016
Aromas of cherries and blackberries with a subtle bay leaf character. 13%
175ml 5.00 • 250ml 6.90• Bottle 20.00

Malbec, Dona Paula, Mendoza, Argentina 2016        
Full flavoured Malbec - notes of blackberry jam through to a spicy finish.13.5% 
175ml 6.25 • 250ml 8.300 • Bottle 24.50

Negroamaro, Cantine San Marzano ‘Il Pumo’, Puglia, Italy 2015
A savoury, fleshy and plummy wine,
full of flavour from the South of Italy. 13.5% 
175ml 5.65 • 250ml 7.50 Bottle • 22.00 

Pinot Noir Gran Reserva, Viña Echeverria, Chile 2015
Aromas of strawberries, cherries, raspberries & plums - hints of chocolate. 13.5%
175ml 6.65 • 250ml 8.95 • Bottle 26.50

Côtes du Rhône ‘Est Ouest’, André Brunel France 2015
Spicy, juicy, ripe fruit with good structure and ripe tannins 13.5%
Bottle 25.00

Black Shiraz, Wine Maker’s reserve, Berton Vineyard, Australia 2015
Bursting with blackberry and plum aromas enhanced by oaky, vanilla notes 14.5%
175ml 6.90 • 250ml 9.25 • Bottle 27.50

Rioja Reserva, Hugonell, Rioja, Spain 2012
Traditional Rioja showing vanilla and coconut flavours. Smooth & textured. 13.5%
Bottle 27.00

Cabernet Sauvignon, Perez Cruz, Chile 2014                                                                      
Smooth and juicy with fresh vibrant notes of blackcurrants and mint. 13.5%    
Bottle 28.50

Pinotage, Doran Vineyards South Africa 2014
Gold, Silver and Bronze award winner 14%
Bottle 25.50

Ventoux Tradition Rouge, Domaine de Champ-Long, Rhône 2014
Bright and fruity with aromas of ripe red fruits, wild strawberries and raspberries 13.5%
Bottle 25.50

Piattelli Vineyards, Malbec, Argentina 2015 
A striking, slightly smoky wine with a fresh and fruity bouquet delighting the senses and warming the palate with notes of blackberries, blueberries and lavender. 14.5% 
Bottle £30.00

Château Lestrille Capmartin Bordeaux Rouge France 2010
Medium-bodied Bordeaux with concentrated fruit & delicate woody notes. 14.5%  
Bottle 32.00

wine list / WHITE

Cintila White, Portugal 2016
An intense, fruity aroma and a soft mouthfeel with a hint of peach 12%
175ml 4.55 • 250ml 6.50 • Bottle 18.50

Sauvignon Blanc, Tierra Antica, Chile 2016
An array of mouth-watering citrus aromas that recall grapefruit and limes. 12.5%
175ml 4.75 • 250ml 6.80 • Bottle 19.50

Cataratto Inzolia, ‘Gazzera’, Colomba Bianca, Italy 2015
Perfumed and refreshing, with a hint of lemon and pistachio nuts. 12.5%
175ml 5.40 • 250ml 7.00 • Bottle 19.50

Chenin Blanc, Hazy View, South Africa 2016  
Ripe melon with a slight hint of smokiness, nishing on a long, fruity note. 12.5%
175ml 5.40 • 250ml 7.00 • Bottle 20.50

Pinot Grigio, Foundstone, Berton Vineyard, Australia 2016
Notes of ripe pear and citrus fruit through to an off-dry fruity finish. 11.5%
175ml 5.95 • 250ml 8.40 • Bottle 23.50

Chardonnay, Domaine des Pourthié, VdP d’Oc,France 2016
Full avoured with notes of ripe pears and vanilla spice. 13%
175ml 5.85 • 250ml 7.75 • Bottle 23.00

Viognier, Limited Release, Swartland Winery, South Africa 2016
Beautifully styled Viognier - delightful aromas of orange, peach and jasmine. 13%
175ml 5.95 • 250ml 8.40 • Bottle 24.00

Feudi Di San Gregorio, Albente Falanghina, Italy 2016
Steely lime and lemon flavours through to a lively, mouthwatering finish. 12.5%
175ml 5.95 • 250ml 8.15 • Bottle 25.00

Riesling Kabinett, Koester Wolf, Rheinhassen, Germany 2015
Floral Riesling aromas with juicy apricots through to a clean, off- dry finish. 10.5%
175ml 6.40 • 250ml 8.75 • Bottle 25.50

Picpoul de Pinet, Tournée du Sud, France 2015
Steely, poised, dry, with an aura of lemon peel and flora on the nose. 12.5%
175ml 6.40 • 250ml 8.75 • Bottle 25.50

Albariño, Pazo do Mar, Spain 2016
Fresh flavours of citrus and white flowers with a fennel and salty finish. 12.5%  
Bottle 27.00

Gavi di Gavi, ‘Fossili’,  San Silvestro, Italy 2016
Fresh and spicy with an appealing green apple and citrus flavour. 12.5%
Bottle 29.00

Pinot Bianco, Tramin, Italy 2016
Refreshing, flavours of citrus and pear, with a bitter lemon finish. 13.5%
Bottle 30.00

Sauvignon Blanc, St Clair, New Zealand 2016
Intense flavours of passion fruit and herbaceous notes over a creamy texture. 13%
175ml 7.15 • 250ml 10.20 • Bottle 30.00

Château Lestrille Capmartin Bordeaux Blanc, France 2014
Smooth, ripe wine bursting - white peach flavours and lemon freshness. 13%
Bottle 30.00


WINE list / ROSÉ

Syrah Grenache Rosé, Chateau Le Campuget IGP du Gard 2016
A delicate pale pink, fresh strawberry and hints of grapefruit on the nose. 13%   
175ml 5.15 • 250ml 7.00 • Bottle 20.50

Pinot Grigio Blush, Novità, Italy 2015        
Pretty pink colour, the wine is fruity with aromas of cherries and strawberries. 12%
175ml 5.55 • 250ml 7.80 • Bottle 22.50

Gris Blanc, Gérard Bertrand, Pays d'Oc, France 2016
A wonderfully pure, fresh flavoured wine, with vibrant fruit aromatics. 12.5%
175ml 6.30 • 250ml 8.45 • Bottle 25.00

'Cuvée Marie Christine’, Ch. de l'Aumérade, Côtes de Provence 2016
Elegantly styled, with aromas of grapefruit, peach and a refreshing acidity. 12.5%
Bottle 28.50


Fili, Prosecco, Italy
A fresh and fruity sparkling Prosecco with fine bubbles. 11.5%
125ml 5.00 • Bottle 28.00

Marc Herbrart, Premier Cru 2012, Champagne France
Biscuity & luxurious vintage champagne 12%
Bottle 42.50

Moutard Prestige Rose NV, Champagne France
Floral notes blend with the fresh red fruits, raspberries and wild strawberries. 12%
Bottle 45.50

Sugrue Pierre Brut, ‘The trouble with dreams’, Sussex England 2013
Elegant multi-award winning sparkling
wine, with lemon and apple aromas. 12% 
Bottle 48.00

Veuve Clicquot Brut, Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV France 12%
Bottle 55.00


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